I have placed an order but I haven’t received my digital code. What should I do?

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The possible outcomes are listed below:

  1. The email containing your digital code may have ended up in your spam / junk mail.
    • Check your spam / junk mail to find your digital code.
  2. The order was not successfully verified by SMS / Phone after checkout.
    • If you received a confirmation email from us but not an email containing your digital product then please submit a ticket with your order number. We will check and manually verify the order.
  3. The email address was entered incorrectly
    • If you didn’t receive a confirmation email after a successful checkout then most likely an incorrect email was used during checkout. Please submit a ticket to resolve the issue.
  4. The product purchased is not an “Instantly Delivered” product.
    • Some products require additional verification checks before they are sent to our customers. This can take up to 12 hours. The digital delivery time will be stated on the product page.