MacBook, contrary to popular belief, has many fabulous options in store for those who like to play games on their laptops. Indeed, the list is so large that sometimes it might seem extremely difficult to narrow down the options to play in your free time.

If you’re ever in the situation where you’re unable to decide which game to play on your MacBook, we’ve got your back. Here are the best Mac games that users from all around the world like to play. Why not take a look and see which ones you can add to your shopping list?

7 Days to Die

Developed by The Fun Pimps, 7 Days to Die is a popular survival horror game that can keep you engaged for hours. Released for Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows in 2013, and for Linux in 2014, the game is set after WWIII (which has destroyed a significant part of the world, except for the fictional country of Navezgane, Arizona). Now, the challenge in front of the player is to survive by finding food, shelter and water without being killed by zombies. Because, of course, what is the apocalypse without having to hide from a horde of the undead?

ARK: Survival Evolved

ARK: Survival Evolved is a widely played action-adventure game developed by Studio Wildcard in collaboration with Effect Studios, Instinct Games, and Virtual Basement. It was first launched for Mac OS X, Windows, PS4, Xbox One and Linux in August 2017. A mobile and Nintendo Switch version came to the market in 2018. In this game, players need to survive on an island filled with numerous dinosaurs, natural hazards and other prehistoric animals. If you don’t have anyone around, the single-player campaign will give you hours of fun, but if you have friends or siblings as crazy about gaming as you, play its multiplayer mode to create your tribe and leave signs for other players — will you help them out or lead them astray? The choice is yours.

American Truck Simulator Gold Edition

This is your best chance to experience what driving legendary American trucks and delivering cargo across sandy Nevada and sunny California feels like. If you’re at all familiar with these places, you’ll find many recognisable spots and landmarks while playing the Gold Edition. Players start their journey as a driver and have the opportunity to climb their way up the ladder to own and operate the business. If played effectively, this game gives you a chance to build one of the largest transportation entities in the country. The American Truck Simulator Gold Edition comes with amazing graphics and exciting features to keep you entertained from start to finish.

DiRT Rally

No gaming list for Mac is complete without DiRT Rally. Known as one of the best Mac games, earning favourable reviews from critics after its release, DiRT Rally is a stunning game that plays, looks and sounds outstanding. There are over 70 different game levels, all of which test your skills in a unique way. Race iconic rally cars, take part in championships, build your own team and travel the world — from muddy Wales to icy Monaco — in this award-winning off-roader. Play it once and you’ll never be stuck what to play ever again.

Company of Heroes 2

A sequel to Company of Heroes (launched in 2006), Company of Heroes 2 is a strategy game developed by Relic Entertainment and launched by Sega for OS X, Windows and Linux. It runs on the Essence 3.0 game engine and has everything you need to stay engrossed for hours. Set during WWII, take on the role of a Soviet Commander in a war to free Russia from enemy invaders in its single-player campaign, or take charge of your own powerful army and use carefully planned tactics to take down other players in its multiplayer mode. Go for this top-rated WWII RTS (real-time strategy) franchise game and take your gaming experience to all new heights.

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